Thursday, 26 February 2015

|Gaming| My big fat geek out!

For the past couple of days, I have literally immersed myself in the Sims 2, personally my favourite version.
What's not to love about the Sims 2? It has amazing expansion packs, like Open for Business and Apartment life, which hasn't really been redone for the later editions of The Sims.
Although Sims 3 Island Paradise is something I have got my sights on.
Instead of ruining the lives of virtual people by forging multiple affairs and killing them all off with the Biotech created, 'Mysterious Illness', I decided to create a huge mega mall (or shopping centre).
One of the things that sucks about the Sims 2, is that lack lustre community lots and I usually find myself spending hours editing most of the places before getting down to actual gameplay.
So this prompted me to create this.
(No mods for used. Just all the expansion packs). 

Okay, I will admit, the exterior is still a little dull and it's something that I need work on.

Firstly, I decided to put in a H&M.
This expansion pack is rather good- the clothes you get in the CAS isn't entirely expansive, however you can actually get to run your own H&M store when you have Open for Business installed.
Although some stores are already pre-made, I thought I'd just make my own from scratch.
Upon entering the shopping centre is the entrance to the H&M, which is the women's department on the ground floor- but on the right (which you can't see), is some stairs which leads to Men's department- which happens to be on the first floor.

It's a shame that Sushi wasn't invented until the Sims 3. I really wanted to create a sushi bar.
(I'm not an overall fan of modding, whenever I have used them in the past, it messes with my game a lot).
But all is not lost, with the expansive oriental decor to hand, I created a Chinese 'restaurant' on the ground floor.

A bit random, but I thought that I'd pop in a pet store.
It was mainly to use up some small space and I didn't know that you can make a walk-in adoption centre, until seeing it on the Sim Supply's channel.

At first, I wanted to create an arcade-bowling alley combo, taking inspiration from a place near me, however I ran out of room so I just created a a three lane bowling alley with a somewhat fifties flair.

What shopping centre isn't completed without a coffee shop?  Or bakery?
I have decided to dub with as the Bella Bakery due to a couple of pictures planted on the walls and I thought it was very fitting due to the fact that this is set in Pleasantview.

Last but not least, I decided on a little toy shop. It's one of the first shops I had opened up in Open For Business
Plus I could really go crazy on the decor.

What do you guys think?
What do you do when you proper geek-out? :)

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

|Beauty| DIY Leopard Print Nails Featuring Miss Sporty

What to do with eyeliner that is drying up?
Give yourself a manicure. 
Lately I've been really good in growing my nails, I'm an avid biter, because the bend when they get past a certain length and snap- so I always feel the need to rectify the issue with my teeth to straighten them all out! 
So far, touch imaginary wood- they are still good length.
And since being skint after Valentines day, I made use of my dried up felt liner and nail varnish. 

Yes, to create the leopard print, you can use black nail varnish and a cheap brush, however, I rarely paint my nails and I thought I'd give my eye liner its final moments before it gets the boot.
Both varnishes are by Miss Sporty, a cheaper drugstore brand, that I'm a bit 'meh' with- the polishes being no different!
As you can probably tell with the thumb, the pale blue is a bit streaky and that's how it comes out- streaky. To get an even coat, I had to apply about three coats. THREE COATS... and it still looks a bit dodge.

After allowing the base coat to dry, I dotted various sized blobs to each nails- you don't have to be too particular with this and then allowed this to dry.
Then taking the black liner I added irregular borders around each dot- to make it look like leopard print.
Again- you don't have to be too neat.

One thing thing I do stress is soon after applying the finishing touches to your nail, always apply a clear top coat to finish off, as when your nails get wet, the liner washes away and you're just left with irregular dots.

What do you think?
Do you like DIY nails and if you have any pictures. Post them below :)

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

|Lifestyle| Big trouble in little china

Stepping off of the tube at Leicester Square, I had no idea what I would want to do- except spend the £100 in my purse.
It was Valentines day, which also happened to fall on a Saturday, so the already hustling-and-a-bustling town, was so over congested.
Its probably the one thing I really hate about London- that every single bloody part of it, is always packed with barely no room to breathe and everyone stepping on your toes.

Serious question to those outside of the UK, or to those who live far away from London- what is the fascination behind this place? As I still fail to see the great attraction...
Anyway, coming out of the station and passing down a leaflet about 'how god is my saviour', we trekked it to Yo!Sushi- my idea, as I think its somewhat of a romantic meal.... right?!
All I had to do was follow my nose and there we arrived, down this almost run down street- well run down in comparison to the bold flashing lights of the entire Leicester square.
And I must say, this had to be the first Yo! Sushi where I was slightly dissatisfied.
The staff were lovely and the food was amazing, however, there was barely any choice on the conveyor belt- and it felt hard to converse with the very busy staff.
Honestly, I would feel bad for them just to rustle me up two pieces of Inari sushi, when they have so much on their hands already.

After Yo!Sushi, me and my partner waddled out of the restaurant and did a bit of shopping, by that I meant, we stopped at two shops- Tokyo Toys (which is going soon) and Forbidden Planet.
I managed to find a few awesome Legend of Zelda bits (an amazing video game franchise), that I thought didn't exist.
I got a Link (Wind Waker) plushie, a triforce necklace and two Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time comic books. I use to read a lot of manga's as a teen with LIFE and DearS being my favourite, so when I saw these two books sitting on the stand in Forbidden Planet, I felt like I was 17 again!

Once the contents in my purse depleted, we decided to venture through China town.
I was attracted to the many lanterns hanging from roof to roof and the varied restaurants advertising whole crispy ducks in the windows.

We were then going to go to the infamous Arcade in Leicester Square, however it was knocked down unfortunately- there seems to be no decent Arcades in London anymore.
Please Video game lovers, give me some suggestions.
And after drooling over these amazing cakes, we headed towards the Underground which was so crowded and unmaintained by the lack of staff, which makes me snort in disgust at the fact that they demand more money. Sorry, I really am against the underground and train services going on strike for even more money, when the trains are either always delayed, staff are rude or barely there and the fares are ridiculously high!
If anything the only people that deserve to strike in this country are those in the service and cleaning industries- those who get paid low wages for long (and some times unsociable) hours to tidy up after really inconsiderate messy people and have to take abuse daily from the general public!
THEY, are the ones who have it hard.

To end this blog off let me know what you did on Valentines day :)
Tell me your thoughts on London- give me honest answers :P

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