Sunday, 22 March 2015

|Book Review| The Truth About Diamonds by Nicole Richie

Okay, I admit it. I like Nicole Richie and The Simple Life is my guilty pleasure..
Don't judge me..
So, it was no surprise that I purchased Richie's first Novel 'The Truth About Diamonds'. 
Loves it! 

Today, it seems like EVERYONE is releasing a book (I'm no exception) and online persona's like Tanya Burr and the ever infamous Zoella-  pretty much are the Paris Hilton's and Nicole Richie's of today! As the internet dominates the world, it's no surprise that fame can be achievable on line, instead of being a daughter of someone famous or releasing a porn video.

And that what brings me to this book- FAME.
It revolves around fame, and especially the famous for being famous concept.
The main character is Chloe Parker; a twenty something who is the adopted daughter of a famous singer, who has a circle of fake friends and has a drug habit.
Sound familiar?!
The Truth about Diamonds is said to be semi-biographical Novel, having Chloe's life actually narrated by Nicole herself, like Chloe is a real person and in a way she is real, or was.
What I'm trying to say is that this is a sneaky biography of Nicole Richie's past- so call this more of a memoir than a novel.

It's not cleverly disguised either.
Another character, Simone Westlake is SO based on Paris Hilton by one of the obvious similarities being the porn scandal.
Other characters in Chloe's circle of friends happen to be obviously based on real people as well;

Carrie- is Kimberly Stewert- referenced by the fact that she is the daughter to a knighted rock star and daughter to the world's second supermodel.

Ana- is Kelly Osbourne, made obvious by the quote- she inherited her mothers acid tongue and her fathers taste for acid.

DJ Ray- was DJ AM, due to the similarities of him being once over weight and having a strong romance with Chloe in the book. This clearly references, Nicole's and DJ AM's relationship back in the day.

Now I don't know the other characters in the book, nor do I know whether or not it was intentional to have some of them based so closely on real people.
If it wasn't- then Nicole you have failed miserably.
The plot follows Chloe who, along with Paris Hilton Simone Westlake, becomes the Spokesmodel of a fictional make-up company.
Pretty much The Simple Life in book form.
You follow her, through Nicole's wordings, go through a turbulent relationship with drugs and bitchy friends to eventually going in to rehab to sort her shit out!

I must admit the story is semi- interesting, dipping into a anti-climax by ending on a cheesy note.
Speaking of cheese, this book is a ripe old slab of cheddar!
It's brimming to the edge of my bread with the stuff, with cliche' scenarios and heavy-handed metaphors, which although some are rather good, majority of the time are just plain cringe-worthy.
Nothing about this book REALLY captivated me with the only thing that kept me reading was my vivid imagination, lapping up the dysfunctional stories and juicy gossip that Nicole has thrown into the book.
Put it this way, I'm now convinced Paris Hilton is a murderer!
Also none of the characters are likeable nor relatable despite the ghost writers Nicole's best efforts. I really couldn't stand Chloe, I just saw her as a spoilt mess with no redeeming factors.
And I must preferred her as the drugged up mess, than the rehabilitated goodie.

All in all, I would say the book is just an average read, something to pass the time and probably solely for those who happen to love The Simple Life.
If you don't- then you probably might find The Trouble with Diamonds rather unbearable.
At the moment, I'm reading Richie's second Novel Priceless, which is significantly better and there will be a review on that title soon.
So tell me guys, what are your general thoughts?
Have you read the book or watched the program?
If so, comment below.

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Monday, 9 March 2015

|Lush Review| Montalbano Shampoo Bar

Under a year ago, I did a review on Lush's Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar, which was recommended to me, as my hair started to get oiler as I grew out the dye in my hair.
It worked OKAY, leaving my hair more softer and manageable but it didn't do much to conquer the actual issue of greasy hair. 
I still recommend that particular shampoo bar, but I guess my hair needed alittle more TLC.

So recently I popped into LUSH and I heard of a particular Shampoo bar that had popping candy inside and that it was PERFECT for greasy hair types. 
Roll on, the Montalbano. 

Montalbano shampoo bar, £5.75/ each:
As I mentioned in my last shampoo bar review, these look intimidating or just plain weird, but I can assure you that these lather really well and leave that hair feeling clean. 
More cleaner that shampoo that comes out of a bottle. 
Also on average these last for about 3 months! Up to 100 washes! 

Montalbano has a strong citrusy scent, made with lemon oils that makes the hair gleam whilst green olives strengthen the hair. 
In the first wash, I was instantly impressed. 
My hair was so so so so SOOOOOO SOFT! 
It felt as though I had a new head of hair. No lie. 
Not only that, I decided to hold out washing my hair to see how long it would get greasy and it took about four days. 
That is impressive, considering I had to wash my hair every night to keep my locks looking fresh. 
Obviously, you can't tell but this is my hair, DAY THREE:

Sorry for the strange face, I had just recorded a new review on Youtube which you can watch HERE! 

What do you guys think? 
Any Lush Hair care that you recommend? 

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Thursday, 5 March 2015

|Beauty| Dark Heart Designs Swatches Part 2

So I had an interesting day- not really.
I was just involved in a minor bus collision. I happened to be on a bus that crashed into a silver car- if anything, it wasn't the bus drivers fault and no one was hurt apart from me suffering some minor back ache where I had jolted forwards in my seat. 

All is well and I couldn't wait to come home to dabble with my package from Dark Heart Designs. 
Back in June, I declared my love for this Indie brand and nine months later, it hasn't changed. 

Here is what I ordered: 

I had ordered three full sized eye shadows and a collection. 

(L-R: Strength, Hollywood has been and Wicked Game) 

As I have mentioned in the past, the full sized eyeshadows cost a mere $5.99 and have a good quality colour pay off, 
These were swatched over dry skin. 

Strength, is a light emerald green, with a good sheen and sparkle. 
This particular eyeshadow, is actually inspired by Youtube personality Talia Castellano, who unfortunately lost her battle to cancer. Strength is actually part of the Just Keep Swimming collection released by DHD, where 50% of the money from the collection goes to Bring Hope Home/ BASE Camp Children's Cancer Foundation. 
The colour itself is gorgeous and I can't wait to pair it with the other Dark Heart Greens that I have. 
Seriously, I collection green eyeshadow! 

Hollywood has been, is a pale blurple (Blue-Purple), with copper sparkle and copper undertones. 
This is inspired by former Hollywood starlets and I can just imagine Elizabeth Taylor wearing this, or Katy Perry. 

Wicked Game, is a shimmery copper brown, inspired by HIM's cover of Wicked game. 
Can I just say how beautiful this shadow is and how it will make a perfect crease colour? 
I only had a little on my finger to get a solid swatch and I personally think that this will really add to a warm toned smokey eye. 
Gotta love dem smokey eyes. 

(L-R: Travellin Solider, Whiskey Lullaby, Watermelon Crawl and Look at us) 

These sample eye shadows are part of  A Solider's Memoir Collection, a country inspired collection for a beloved Vietnam Veteran, designed by FacebyEmily. 
Check her out on Instagram, she posts some epic make-up looks. 
In this collection, you get these four eye shadows as well as a lipstick (which I have but haven't reviewed), 
You can buy the whole collection for $24.99 or buy each shadow for $5.99 and the lipstick for $4.99. 

Travellin Solider, is a dusky brown with green undertones and copper shift. 
Like wicked game, this would be perfect to add on the outer corners of the eyes for a neutral smokey eye. 

Whiskey Lullaby, is an amber whisky colour with white sparkles. 
This is so bright and I can just imagine myself layering gold glitter over this for an over the top look and I do have an idea up my sleeves for this in the future. 

Watermelon Crawl, is a light watermelon colour with green sheen and sparkle, 
To be honest, I probably won't do much with this shadow, apart from wash it over my lids, dust a bit of silver glitter over the top and add a cute cat eye. 
Its too fragile and beautiful to be added with anything else. 

Look at us, is a black eyeshadow with red shifts and sparkles. 
I would comment to say that it was more like a dark purple looking at it with face value. 
It would complete the perfect 'rock chick' look applied all over the lids with a pinkish nude lips.

Again, if you haven't checked out Dark Heart Designs, please do and support your independent make-up brands and I don't mind recommending a few. 
Also in the upcoming months, I will be actually doing alot of make-up looks using these eye shadows, so please keep your eyes peeled. 

 photo f854ad4a-47b4-40e0-9571-6bcf350c6ebe_zps09b2cc07.png  photo 0ab0b31c-1e0d-456e-adc1-d9fd43c6bca4_zps45ce1135.png  photo c780c245-2688-447b-8d92-0cae6d3f0ae0_zps47b9efdc.png