Sunday, 25 January 2015

|Fashion| Floral Joggers (Plus a sketch)

Since last week I have been really into fashion sketching and illustration in general.
I think that my internet history is just dedicated to browsing all areas of the net for inspiration and let me say, Google, is never in short supply when I'm struggling for brain juice!

Over the years, I have a wide collection of magazine editorials as well as sketches done by me that I plan to create a massive scrap book, so that its not all spread out between eight note books!
(Which is my current situation).

Created using splashes of water colour paints and felt tip pens, I wanted to show how to dress up some floral joggers, which in the spring-summer are usually a day-time staple, as they are comfortable to throw on with some sandals and a vest top, however its easy to dress these up with a heel and a statement necklace! 

 So say if you were having a bit of a lazy day and didn't really have time to put an outfit together or if you're like me- usually can't be bothered, a quick statement necklace with a bold coloured kimono will complete the look, with some heels for that 'going out' look.
What do you guys think?
Also you got any scrap book ideas?

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

|Monday Moodboard| Well... its Tuesday!

With the Streets of Rage soundtrack currently blasting on in the background, I am huddled in bed lacking any sort of inspiration. 
A) Listening to Video game music is 'koolz', and B) I have yet again falling a victim to bloggers block. 

I hate it with a passion. I tend to suffer large dips- constantly, which takes can take the fun out of blogging sometime. Before, I use to just do my make-up or review lots of products, because I had more time and a little more money, but now money is tighter and I rarely have time to do anything! 

So to keep me on track I virtually compiled a few things together of things that I have been loving lately in the hopes of keeping me on the road of 'inspirement'! 
On my word game right there! 

Jumpsuits, Jumpsuits, Jumpsuits! 
Yes! The other day I went away for a work thing and although I'm not going to disclose any information, I have to say, that I came out feeling very inspired both business wise and fashion-y wise. I have always taken an interest in fashion- mainly the kooky catwalk pieces, but I really have started to grow into my own over the past few years, just by working in Fashion retail and being inspired by Fashion Bloggers. 
Lately, I have really been loving Jumpsuits with some heels and a statement necklace as an alternative to a dress for going out! 

Video Games! 
Well, we all saw this coming. 
I always play video games, whether its just half an hour here and there in my busy days! 
Currently, RetroGameGeeks (a video game website), have a challenge to complete 53 games in 12 months, so far I'm on Grand Theft Auto 5! .....compared to others, I am far behind! 
If you feel brave enough to lock yourself away and take part for the fun- join the forum! :)

Okay. I literally got to stop chasing perfume. 
There are four places in my local centre that sells the stuff and its seriously becoming a growing addiction- so far it hasn't damaged my bank account, but its only a matter of time before it takes over! Sunday, I visited Beauty Base for the first time and decided to sample Britney Spears Fantasty (a Vloggers Favourite), to see what the fuss was! To be honest, I really liked it and it's been added to my ever growing perfume wishlist.

So, I rarely drink. Ever since cutting alcohol out of my life for good in early 2013 due to some health reasons and social reasons.
I felt better for it and learnt to entertain myself in more ways that just going out on weekends with people who frankly couldn't give a shit about me. 
I think I needed to get to know sober Sarah a little more, than catch up with the aggressive behaviour of drunk me, to enjoy alcohol responsibly. 
This weekend, I'm looking forward to having a few cocktails with my friend. :) 

The other stuff! 
I've rekindled my love for Sex and the city. 
I do have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with all the characters and their so-called problems but I guess I just like getting lost in some of the episodes and plain enjoy it for what it is. 
And Last but not least, Fashion Magazines. 
I thought ELLE was my favourite magazine, until I read the recent edition and was bored throughout most of the pages. 
I will admit some of the photography was good but its nothing different from other magazines like Glamour and COSMO. 
You know what I mean?! 

So here is my Monday Moodboard for this week to help keep me inspired from week to week. 
What are your tips for preventing bloggers block?

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

|Beauty| Dita Von Teese perfume review (not a typical celebrity fragrance)

You just knew that when Dita Von Teese announced that she would be releasing her own fragrance line a few years back that it wouldn't be a close copy of Britney Spears Fantasy- *cough, cough, Cher Lloyd*.
And being the unique and classic woman that she is, you knew that she was going to strive for all things glamour in her fragrance.
I'm somewhat of an admirer of Dita.
I feel like she is the only one who can pull off old Hollywood glamour perfectly and I think she really has brought Burlesque forward.
(Something that I want to try out in the future).

 I think that this was her first fragrance released in 2011 and I got this yesterday from my local Tesco for a mere £14 knocked down from £35!
Bargain right?!

The outer-packaging is simple yet is still gorgeous none-the-less and the bottle takes on an elegant form with an atomiser, inspired by the 1930's era. 
Very Dita indeed. 
The fragrance itself doesn't contain any vanilla and barely any fruity notes- mainly focusing on strong florals and woodsy elements! 

Top Notes: 
Bergamot, Peony and Pepper. 

Middle/Heart Notes: 
Tiare Flower, Rose and Jasmine. 

Base Notes: 
Musk, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Guaiac wood and Incence. 

Going to be honest, I am still undecided on the scent. 
It is a bit over bearing for me so much so that I had a headache soon after spraying this on myself, mainly due to the strong element of incense making its immediate impact. 
Today, I spritzed myself, hoping that yesterday was perhaps just an off day- and honestly, I didn't have a headache and the overall scent that I'm getting is a mixture of florals and burning incense bundled together! 
Again, it is nice and classic and I could see myself wearing it occasionally, as it makes an ideal night time fragrance due to its sensual and mysterious qualities. 

I recommend it for those who like classic and strong floral scents over the typical, sweet, fruity-florals. 
Put it this way, this is certainly Not a typical Celebrity fragrance...

 photo f854ad4a-47b4-40e0-9571-6bcf350c6ebe_zps09b2cc07.png  photo 0ab0b31c-1e0d-456e-adc1-d9fd43c6bca4_zps45ce1135.png  photo c780c245-2688-447b-8d92-0cae6d3f0ae0_zps47b9efdc.png
What are your thoughts?