Tuesday, 18 November 2014

|Review| MUA Pro Base Prime and Conceal Kit

If make-up was a Television game show (like supermarket sweep) and I was sent to the aisles to get felt eye liner- I'll come out with a concealer.
I popped into Superdrug recently and instead of replacing my old felt liner, I landed up buying this.

Makeup Academy Pro- Base Prime and Conceal kit (£4):
I constantly air my praises for this company for selling reasonably good quality products at an exceptional price and this being no different.
As well as selling this cream-based version, MUA are also selling a powdered version (similar to ELF version) at the same price of £4.
I got the cream based, as that tends to work better with my skin type, as too much powder some times can make my skin look a little cakey.

Now, its easy to be overwhelmed by all the colours and the uses for this, trust me I was, as I have never used anything like this before.
My skin isn't exactly bad, but I do have faint red blemishes on my cheeks and dark circles (hasn't every body), with sometimes foundation not being able to hide it all. 
Each colour has a specific purpose: 

Peach - To add radiance
Lilac - Illuminates, and mutes yellow undertones
Yellow - Brightens, and conceals purple tones (such as dark circles)
Green - Neutralizes and reduces redness
Pink (middle) - To highlight
I've been using this for sometime now and at first I couldn't get it to work with my Revlon Photoready Foundation, no matter what I did, applying these products over or under the foundation didn't work without it looking greasy. 
Yet, when I used my beloved Colorstay foundation- this made my skin look almost photoshopped perfect! 
Whenever I have applied any cream concealer to my cheeks in the past, it cakes it when even a speck of powder touches this area. 
However, this is perfect and I will certainly be buying again! 

In this video, you can see how clear my skin looks under natural light.
What are you thoughts? 

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Sunday, 9 November 2014

|Lush Review| Santa's Lip Scrub

In the past I have tried a couple of the lip scrubs and generally liked them, with my general dislike being the taste of Bubblegum lip scrub, as it leaves a rancid taste in my mouth.
Regardless, I was excited to try this Limited Edition scrub.

Santa's Lip Scrub, £5.50 (each):
This sugar-based scrub is applied to the lips to buff away the dead skin as the moisturisering properties soften them up, then you lick away the excess flavoured sugar- the best part! 
Unlike Lush's usual scrubs, this one has a red tint with edible candied- hearts, which gives the lips a subtle red tint- which isn't that noticeable but its still a nice touch. 

Now onto the flavour. Every one of Lush's scrubs has an individual taste and this one is no different. 
With a mixture of dates and cherries and tastes like Spiced cola bottles. 
And the best thing, this has to be at least the only lip product that doesn't leave an awful distaste in my mouth. 
Honestly, I have an issue with most vanilla scented lip products (like the Sleek Pout Polish).
I guess my only complaint is the sheer mess that these can produce.
Trying to scoop pout the dense product from the pot and apply it, causes a lot of fall out sugar- so applying this in public can be quite messy.

So tell me, what do you think of these Lip Scrubs?

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Sunday, 2 November 2014

|Lifestyle| Halloween 2014: How NOT to survive a Saw Trap

As everyone takes to Facebook and Twitter to announce the comings of Christmas, I am still wrapped up in the festivities of Halloween!
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (Link below), you'll know that I spent my October 31st failing at surviving a few Saw traps.
It was held at my cousin and her husbands flat and everything you see, was created by her Husband!

This was just for decoration. The Saw traps themselves were some what similar to the films and were quite terrifying.
Only one person was allowed in the room at a time to complete the trap. Everything was so legit, the walls were covered in tiles and 'blood', with Billy the puppet on an Ipad telling you what to do.
The whole room gave off the impression that you were going to die in the traps!
My heart was racing in the first game.
I didn't know what to expect.

The first trap was called 'Frost Bite'. 
Hands bound in chains and a lock, you are sat on a chair and have to dig to the bottom of that white jar- which on the side read 'Liquid Nitrogen'. It might as well been, it was so cold, let's just say that I didn't survive. :O My tied up hands couldn't get into the jar! 

This trap took inspiration from Saw 1, with Amanda's infamous 'Reverse Bear' Trap!
This required two players, where one person would rummage through the 'guts' to pull out the key and unlock the trap on the victims head.
This is the Bear Trap:

The last trap (which I don't have pictures of unfortunately), was by far the best and most frightening.
I was locked in a coffin, with only a flashlight and a tape recorder.
To escape I had to work out the four digit code with the clues being above me, inside the coffin.
....I died!

And lastly- this was my costume.
A few weeks before Halloween, I took to Twitter and asked my followers what video game character I should go as- a few people actually said 'Jill Valentine' from Resident Evil.
Unfortunately, my sister liked that so much, she stole that character idea from me... and my followers. With little to no time to actually make a decent costume, I decided to be a zombie.
This look probably only took like ten minutes.
And it was all done using:
-MUA Brown eyeshadow
-MUA Black eyeshadow
-AVON Russet Blusher
-Mehron Liquid Latex
-Mehron Fake blood.

How did you spend your Halloween?
Are you a fan of the Saw films?

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