Wednesday, 26 August 2015

|LUSH Review| A revamped Karma

I  should get paid for taking a bath, for the amount of Lush products I buy and review.
Literally the drawer of all my lush soaps, shampoos etc is overflowing not to mention piles of bath bombs and bubble bars are overflowing in my basket.

So, why don't I add to it by shopping a few Oxford street exclusives!
Last week, I was in Brighton, with the aims of perhaps just getting some more Karma Soap but was pleasantly surprised when I saw that they had a few exclusives from Oxford Street- the Willy Wonka of Mystical Bath time stuffens!
Yes, I'm a little late to the game when reviewing some of these (I have a few more to review later on)- but I still haven't been to Oxford Street ever since it opened a few months back!

Anyways, so I hastily shovelled new products into my basket, without thinking about the consequences of what my bank might be saying!
And one thing that caught my attention was the newly, revamped Karma bubble bar.

You can read my review on the old bubble bar HERE!

Despite it just being a cosmetic difference, rather than a revamp on the product itself. I'm loving Karma's new look.
The purple pyramid shape kinda reminds of the Katy Perry- Dark Horse Music video.

'...So you wanna play with magic!' 

As I mentioned, the scent hasn't changed one bit. It's still zesty and spicy, with it's main notes being Patchouli and sweet orange, with added subtle tones of Pine and Lavender.
It's not for everyone and (for me, personally), it's one of the first scents to hit you first, when you're vast ascending towards a LUSH store.
Like most bubble bars, it's got a dense and damp consistency, which makes it easier to crumble under warm running water for a bubbly bath.

I must say that I do prefer the new colour of my karma-induced bath water.
Goodbye, mundane orange, Helllllllo, mystical purple.

Tell me guys, have you tried any of the Oxford Street Exclusives yet? If so what ones do you recommend? :)

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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

|Beauty| GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in Sweetheart 161

GOSH cosmetics was one of the first brands I started using avidly when I picked up beauty blogging for Buzznet. 
Due to the packaging being sleek and black and the price tag pretty much reflecting the quality of their products- I can't help but nickname them the drugstore MAC! 
Their displays are less 'flashy' than brands like Lo'real and Maxfactor with celebrity endorsements being replaced by glossy, high  quality (sometimes creative) posters. 

I recommend a few products, like their gel face primer, their amaze'n'build mascara and foundation. 
They are also the only drugstore brand I know that do a very, very, very pale foundation.
So if you're rather paler and you have trouble finding a light coloured foundation, then I do recommend you check GOSH out. 

When picking up some supplies the other day from my local superdrug aka my second home, I decided that I wanted a lipstick.
I have mentioned in a post before (I think), that I rarely wear lipstick, more or less, opting for lipbalm or gloss. 
So I decided to take the plunge and purchase this beauty. 
(Well, at first I was looking at Revlon but they didn't have the shade I needed- so in the end I got this one).

I got the shade 'sweetheart 161' for £6.99 (which is more or less the average for a drugstore lippie!).
At first, I did want a bright red, however ultimately turned against it and chose this shade as it's closer to my lip colour.

The bullet looks darker than what it comes out and due to the Vitamin-E rich formula is applies very smoothy with a glossy finish.
Also it's very pigmented so I only did a once over my lips for a decent colour pay-off.

Should you buy? 
As I mentioned GOSH cosmetics are a drugstore brand that I recommend you check out, when pay day arrives. Their not conveniently priced that the brands I seem to rave about like MUA (make up academy) or Make up Revolution- however I've never brought a product from this brand that I didn't like.

So tell me, what drugstore brand of lipsticks do you recommend?

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

|Beauty| MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet Blusher

Throwing out old make-up is the most terrifying yet liberating time of a make-up addicts life!
Like food, make-up has a use-by date and I feel like a good portion of us, still keep those beauty products well after it's meant to be thrown out. 
So, I literally thought enough was enough and threw out so much make-up, including a lot of blushers and eyeshadows that I only used for Tutorial purposes. 
But, when one door closes another one opens. 
That door being- 'MUA have released some new blushes, lemme buy them'. 

Yup. That pretty much happened. 
Let me tell you, these aren't ordinary blushes, oh god no! These are whipped velvet blushes! 
From what I have seen they have released five blushes and a bronzer all for £3- which isn't a bad price at all, considering the amount of product you get. It's pretty much a steal. 

I got a bronzer (for a contour) and Hedonic Blush. 
They are beautifully soft and have a so-so colour pay off, which is rather ideal, as you can really build the blushers up to the intensity that you want. 
I love using the bronzer as a contour, despite it being really warm (something of which is a no-no for adding definition and depth to the face)- yet blended in well, actually makes me look slimmer. 
The Hedonic blusher is a bit too pink for me and one thing that I have noticed about the colour range is that they look normal in the pan however, when swatched, they are really bold and in your face! 
For pale tones, this may be a problem, however if you are of deeper, darker skin tone- then these are absolutely perfect for you and I fully recommend them! 

Should you buy? 
Yes! These are soft to the touch and glide onto the skin perfectly. 
One let down for me, personally was the fact that the colour selection is rather bold and clashed with my skin tone- but again the bright pigmentation will work for others. 

 photo f854ad4a-47b4-40e0-9571-6bcf350c6ebe_zps09b2cc07.png  photo 0ab0b31c-1e0d-456e-adc1-d9fd43c6bca4_zps45ce1135.png  photo c780c245-2688-447b-8d92-0cae6d3f0ae0_zps47b9efdc.png