Sunday, 31 August 2014

Review: Key lime fizzing bath tart

Oh boy have I got some reviews for you, let alone a new aspect to this blog that should be live by the 10th September. 

But for now you shall get a review... 
Another bath product review and this time it isn't by Lush cosmetics OR Bomb cosmetics, but another Dorset-based company called Bath Bubble and Beyond. 

Earlier this month, I visited Bognor Regis and picked up two of these fizzing bath tarts from a gift shop for a couple of pounds each. 
I don't know where else you can buy these, apart from their website. But I highly recommend that if you can get your hands on these- do it, as they smell amazing! 

Key Lime Fizzing Bath tart:
It may look generic, but it smells immensely like lemons and lime. 
A complete citrus overload and embedded with glitter, making this the perfect bath time treat! 

When submerged in the water, the bottom half fizzies away immediately (like your normal bath bomb), whilst the yellow swirl gradually melts away, providing skin softening shea butter to the mix.
The bath water turns this pale green colour with an oily sheen on the surface and plenty of glitter. 
Don't forget the glitter. It gets everywhere.
Because of the shea butter, it left my skin feeling really freaking soft and as its infused with citrus scents, I literally smell like a pie.
(A Key lime pie to be exact) 
I really don't have a downside- some people may complain about the glitter, but I don't care. Give me plenty of the stuff. 

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Gaming: Everything is LEGO!

I do hope you get my failed attempt at a funny title. 
Probably only those who have seen the lego movie, will get what I tried to do there! 

I love Lego and Super Mario 64. 
Created by artist Matt De Lanroy- he perfectly recreated the first level Bom-omb battlefield. 
In the video game, Bom-omb Battlefield was never my favourite level, usually I just blitz through the stars to unlock Big boo's Haunt- now that's where the fun is! Tell me- what is YOUR favourite Super Mario 64 Level. 

Also, an update on my animal crossing addiction that I managed to kick in like two months ago. Well, my sister recently got a 3DS (a Limited-edition Legend of Zelda one that she chooses to taunt me with) and she got ACNL and joined me on the Fireworks Festival which takes effect every sunday throughout August :) 

Also, I shall be picking up my Youtube reviews relatively soon, as I have mentioned I am gathering a few things to make them better- plus there are many things in the future. So please keep tuning in! :)

If you like video games and like to see more updates, plus a link to mine and many other awesome videos- please check out 
Sign up to the Forum, get to know us all and- just share, that's what gaming is all about! :)

Monday, 18 August 2014

Lush Review: Sakura Bath Bomb (Plus an Update)

I'm back and rehydrated from that dreaded writers drought. 
(I hope).
And here you were thinking that I probably retired from blogging due to my two week absence- no, I am back with one of my infamous Lush Reviews. 

I actually purchased this Sakura bath bomb back in March, when I had an interview at a Lush store- that I unfortunately didn't get.
Don't worry, I'm not weeping (secretly cries into her pillow).

I have a Lushie confession, whenever I buy things like Bath bombs- Lush or Bomb cosmetics, I display them on top of my make-up unit. 
They make my room smell nice, as well as looking beautiful and the other day, I gave in and finally used my Sakura! 

Sakura Bath bomb. £3.25 (each):
A bit of history for you. 
Back when I started getting into Lush about four or five years ago, I read in their magazine about this bath bomb and accompanied with amazing pictures of Sakura dissolving into a beautiful mixture of pink, blue and white. 
It looked pretty cosmic! 
Later on, Sakura was discontinued until earlier on this year. 
Due to Lush being rather unpredictable with releasing and then discontinuing products, I just had to pick this up! 

Was it worth the long wait?

I'm actually undecided on this. 
I love the combination fresh Lemon oil and Jasmine fragrance, yet I was expecting something colourful- like how it was advertise years back! 
It may sound a little snobby but with my bath bombs, I like them to be quite colourful and kooky, like shoot for the stars or Soot ball (my two favourite and limited edition bath bombs).

So some people have asked me through Twitter messages why I haven't been active on here or making Youtube videos.
The truth is, I am currently saving up for a better computer, editing software and recording equipment- so I want to save some of my reviews for the ideas I have in mind. 
But don't worry- Please Visit as RGG is the place to be! :D 

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