Sunday, 24 May 2015

|Beauty| Make up Revolution Lipstick Review

So we all know I praise this brand- and why not?
They have completely dominated the UK drugstore domain with their high quality products at a (let's face it), cheapest price.
And while some people maybe sceptical that good quality and low, low prices don't really mix- just hear me out for a second. What I don't understand is why you are willing to pay sometimes, double the price for a product that a company can give you for a better deal but still deliver on quality.
I'm specifically looking at those who swear that MAC Cosmetics are the one and only- when at times the quality on some of their products- especially their polishes and eye shadows, don't really justify the £20 price tag!
I'm not here to ruffle feathers or cause any sort of beauty debate but I find this particular habit confusing.
(L-R: Nude, Dare and Divine)

So for the past couple of days, I have been really wanting to add more to my lip products, as all I have is mainly pinky lip glosses.
At first, I did pace up and down the make-up aisle of Superdrug, looking into many brands and their lipsticks- many of the ones I wanted to try, were sold out, (was the case with Rimmel and Loreal).
Then taking to Make-up Revolution section, I managed to swipe these lipsticks- that were too low on stock!
And being a mere £1 each, I would have brought more but honestly, there weren't anymore to purchase. At first glance, they look very classic in appearance, which gave me the impression that they may drag on the lips and/or give little colour pay off.

So let's test these babies, shall we?

First up is 'Nude'- which obviously is a pale nude shade.
In the past, I have tried on nude shades and was put off of it. Just like frosted pinks and bright peach lipsticks, that are totally unflattering on me.
This however, was subtle enough to not make me look sickly, but prominent enough to make an impact. With it's creamy consistency, it applied nicely onto my lips and the colour is buildable.

Next is 'Dare'. A blue toned red and isn't very daring in it's colour.
But then again, how do you make a red lippy daring?!
Stupid remark there, Sarah.
I found that this was very pigmented and applied on more smoothly than the other two and unlike my MUA Red lipstick, this has a less glossy appearance- which I prefer.

Last but not least is 'Divine'- this peach colour, also a matte shade.
I'm undecided on this colour to be honest.
As I mentioned, I struggle to get along with peachy lipsticks, despite wanting to wear them confidently without feeling like it makes me look sick or without making my teeth yellow.
Divine isn't exactly as bold as many others on the market and again makes a subtle impact.
So why am I so 'meh' about this one.
I guess it's personal. I have never used a matte lipstick before and it drags a little more than the others, the colour can sit in the cracks of the lips and it makes any dry patches FREAKING obvious!
But not every one person is the same. I'm sure more than half of you won't have the same issue.

Should you buy?
If you are looking for a good lippy, at a really good price.
I say, get them. Buy them all. There are so many unthinkable shades, that there is bound to be a colour there for everyone!
Once again Make-up Revolution doesn't fail to disappoint me!

What are your thoughts? Are there any lipsticks you recommend for me to try?
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Thursday, 21 May 2015

|Lush Review| Celestial moisturiser

To be honest, I never really cared for face lotions. (It's bad I know). Whenever I suffer from the odd dry patch, I just apply some E45 cream and be done with it. 
There was only one true love that I had, which was Neal Yard's Remedies Power Berry Moisturiser, which I received for free a few years back, however I have since struggled to get it from John Lewis- so I don't know if it's been discontinued. 
Neal Yard fans, please let me know. 
That was seriously a miracle in a bottle, it made the skin look brighter and hydrated.
So, I needed an alternative. 

Roll in this beauty- from no surprise, LUSH. 

My skin type is somewhere between normal to dry. I rarely break out but suffer from dull skin caused by redness around my cheek area- so I needed a moisturiser that makes my skin look brighter as well as hydrating it. 
This does the trick, made with almonds and dove orchid, this moisturiser is very light and doesn't suffocate the pore, but does make the skin appear brighter. 
It smells sickly sweet like almonds. For me it's heavenly- other people may disagree, but that's the case with Lush. It's like marmite, you either like the fragrances or dislike them. 
I tend to use this before my primer when I'm doing my make-up or just after I washed my face. 
My only complaint is the tub is the same size as their face cleansers and face mask and cost double the amount and as I use this every day, I find myself getting through this waaaay too quickly. 

Should you buy? 
If you suffer from dry skin and are looking for a vegan moisturiser, than this would be ideal for you. 
I would suggest combining this with the Oatifix face mask to get the best results. 

So tell me guys, what are your favourite face lotions? :)

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

|Beauty| H&M Melon body splash in Melon Love

I'm SO excited. 

The other day H&M gave us a quick glimpse of their upcoming cosmetic line or as they nicknamed it, H&M Beauty that is set to be coming to us in the Autumn time. 
The collection shown, looks so high end, that it could easily pass for a MAC collection. 
I'm very interested in trying that Mattifying face primer. 
So far they do nail polishes, a couple of lipsticks and mini-eyeshadow sets and of course, these cute body sprays. 
Now, earlier this month I picked up the Vanilla twist and LOVE it. 
How could I not? It's vanilla. We all know I'm a sucker for that scent. 
So for a mere £1.99, I decided to purchase Melon love. 

Unfortunately, I'm not the craziest Melon lover, both in food nor in my cosmetics. 
This was going to be either hit or miss for me. 
And you know what... I love it. 
At first, I get the strong perfumed scent- that smells similar to vanilla twist, however it soon disappears into this fresh, melon fragrance, which is very summery. 
(Despite England being very horrible recently).

Should you buy?
Do you like Melon? Melon scented perfumes? 
Then yes you should buy! Many H&M stores should stock these near their tills for a mere £1.99 and these are just perfect for just throwing in your everyday bag. 
As it is just a body spray, obviously the fragrance does wear down quickly and you'll find yourself topping up more than if you were to apply EDT or EDP. 
I still think that this a good buy :) 

Check out my other review on the H&M Body Splash in Vanilla Twist. 

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