Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist review

Sarah is reviewing a product from Lush's main competitor (The Body shop).
Gah, that traitor!

Hear me out guys!
For a while, I have been searching for a vanilla perfume that wouldn't break the bank and wasn't shrouded beneath the over sexualised advertisements that I see on televisions!
Seriously, sexual undertones seem to be a reoccurring theme in perfume adverts!
(Those Horny, Horny bastards!)

Getting to the point. Back when I was in Brighton (I love that place so much, why don't I move there)- I visited the Lush store and got stuck into the Gorilla Perfume stand, where I came across three scents that I want: Dirty, Karma (BEST SCENT EVER) and of course, Vanillary.
Lush sell their perfumes in two forms: oil or soild.
The solid perfume of vanillary was rather cheap at £7 and would probably last a very long time, however, I didn't like how it felt against my skin when I tested it and the 30ml beautiful bottle was £28.00- something that I couldn't afford at the time.

Defeated, I came out of the store vanilla-less and come the next payday I found this amazing Body mist from the Body shop.
I have used and generally loved the perfumes from the Body shop- as I have mentioned in a perfume post I did a few months back- quoting the Strawberry scent as the perfect summer fragrance.

Vanilla Body Mist, £7.50/100ml:
One thing I must say, that this is not for the faint.
It's a lovely scent of what I could only describe as sweet, burning vanilla but too much of it can really burn the nostrils
A light spritz does go a long way and the scent generally sticks around all day, without me having to top up constantly- something of which differs with the grapefruit and strawberry mist I have used in the past.
If I had to compare it, I would say that this smells so alike Avon's Far Away fragrance; its warm with an oriental undertone.

So tell me- what is your favourite Body Shop scent?
Here are a few of my favourites below:

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

EOTD: Hey Hey Hello Kitty

On Monday I was so determined to pick up my ever lacking posting. Finished work earlier than normal and with a coffee by my side and was so eager to get tapping away straight after posting this eye look that has graced Instagram and Twitter. 
However, I got distracted... again, by Grand Theft Auto 5! 
Second time this awesome game has taken over my life and how can you blame me, its the best GTA game I have played since Vice City- although everyone had their own opinions on that. 

Only two days late, here is a rather creative eye look I did using nothing but Dark Heart Designs.

What I used: 
-DHD Elizabeth (White)
-DHD Toxic (Reddish Pink)
-Miss Sporty mascara
-Barry.M Liquid Liner. 

When I was 17, I never knew what a Hello Kitty was. In college everyone was sporting crystal necklaces or trainers with this cute cat on the side- although correction, it has now been confirmed that Hello Kitty is infact a 7 year old girl who likes apple pie. 
I guess, I only started getting into the HK obsession during the MySpace Hype:

Yes, I was unfortunately just like this. Go on. Laugh. 
So tell me, were you hooked to Myspace, trying to grasp HTML to create a half decent and cute layout whilst doing your hair and putting your makeup to do a selfie?

 photo f854ad4a-47b4-40e0-9571-6bcf350c6ebe_zps09b2cc07.png  photo 0ab0b31c-1e0d-456e-adc1-d9fd43c6bca4_zps45ce1135.png  photo c780c245-2688-447b-8d92-0cae6d3f0ae0_zps47b9efdc.png

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Lush review: Stepping stone

So, I'm literally on my feet constantly and I'm usually subjected to dry feet that don't feel too fresh. 
I gather alot of people may feel like this, or is it just me? 

Rewind back in August, I visited Lush in Brighton (ah, my dream home), where I asked for recommendations for horrible dry and muggy feet- to which the assistant recommended this- Stepping Stone. 

Stepping Stone, £3.10 (each): 
There are just a few ways that you can use this. Break it off bit by bit and rub it against the base of the foot under warm water (my method) or to what the lovely lady in Lush recommended: pop it in a bowl of warm water and let your feet soak. 
It's made with Pumice powder, which is quite coarse- ideal for scrubbing the dead skin away, with anti-bacterial lemongrass, which helps combat foot odour and with a combination of Cocoa butter to prevent the skin from drying out. 

This is amazing but by far isn't a miracle worker! 
The hard skin on the base of my feet were starting to soften up- however by far didn't get rid of it completely but I must say my feet smelt so strongly of lemon and lime oils all day. 
Which is rather nice. 
Another downfall is the fact that it doesn't last long and for the price that it is- I would expect something a little bigger. 
Thoughts my fellow Lushies? 

 photo f854ad4a-47b4-40e0-9571-6bcf350c6ebe_zps09b2cc07.png  photo 0ab0b31c-1e0d-456e-adc1-d9fd43c6bca4_zps45ce1135.png  photo c780c245-2688-447b-8d92-0cae6d3f0ae0_zps47b9efdc.png