Friday, 17 April 2015

|Beauty| Make-up Revolution Matte Effect Concealer

Well it looks like MUA (Make-up Academy) have some stiff competition in regards to inexpensive but good make-up.
I have heard of Make-up Revolution for a while, after they followed me via Twitter and I had always wanted to try their products, so I literally squealed like a girl when I saw these were available in my local Superdrug store.

This product claims to be Matte and very creamy and at a mere £1 I can't really fault that! 
As Superdrug currently have an offer on 3 for 2 on make-up I decided to get a couple of these in the shade Fair- one of the lightest. 
For a drugstore brand that is just over a year old, they have such a wide range of colours for different skin tones and undertones. 
Which is really impressive. 
Getting onto the concealer, it applies onto the skin very smoothly and is of a creamy consistency- sometimes with this cheaper, stick concealers they can come out rather ashy- this however isn't and is perfect for brightening up the under eye area. 

One thing I will say, is that it can cake up if you apply too much and can make enlarged pores very prominent, however, use Make-up Revolution Primer, then apply the concealer beneath my eyes and finish off with BB Cream. 

Would I buy again?! 
Absolutely, I have a few other bits from this company that I can't wait to review :) 

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Thursday, 16 April 2015

|FOTD| Vlogging my way to game-face

So on Monday I put up a Vlog, which was suppose to have been a general chit-chat vlog about weight loss, fat shaming and gaming, whilst applying my make-up (as I was about to head out)- however it some how turned into a 'Get ready with me'.
Despite me loving how make-up can transform any face, I never see the difference before and after I apply my make-up.

Please excuse my trout pouting bitch face. haha! :)
It's a shame that you can't really see the definition in my eye make-up.
With all my neutral eye looks, the colours all seem to blend together in photos and seem 1-dimensional.

What I used:
-Revolution primer (Review soon)
-Revlon Colorstay Foundation
-MUA Pro base prime and conceal kit
-Sleek Cream to Powder (as a contour)
-MUA Translucent Powder 
-Wholesale Blusher kit 
-Dark Heart Design highlighter in Lightbulb
-MUA Heaven and Earth Palette
-MUA Undressed me too Palette
-Gosh amaze and build mascara
-MUA Rich Brown Pencil (for brows)

That day I went round my friends house after recording the video, to record yet another vlog based on gaming this time. 
My friend also made me bubble tea- I can't explain it. 
It's like fruit tea, with fruit powder, with lots of milk and chewy balls at the bottom of the glass. 
It tastes like a milkshake- but not. 
I'm still undecided on whether or not I like Bubble tea :O.

Have you ever been fat shamed or told to lose weight?
I was recently, some guy literally told me to lose a stone, now despite being a 12-14 UK size, I'm relatively comfortable with my size right now but I can't help but feel angered by that guys comment.
No matter what size you are, no-one should point it out to you as a negative, like YOU need to change- unless obviously, they are concerned for your health. 

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Monday, 13 April 2015

|Lifestyle| What happened last week

You know what I have been a busy little bee last week, I'm rather proud of myself.
Last week, I have literally gone to work, worked on two Youtube videos, did a couple of blog posts and I have also had a social life. All with a flu virus.
I feel mighty proud of myself.
So here are a few snapshots of my life, which you can find on my Instagram @willoughbysarah90 or just click the thumbnail below.

My Boyfriend is the best: 
If you read my blog, then you would know that I adore game related stuff, so last week my boyfriend came round and surprised me with this Nintendo controller box that contained chocolates.
He is such an adorable DIY-ER :)

All you can eat Chinese:
Yes. After having an afternoon nap, I decided to take me and my partner to an all you can eat Chinese buffet. I.ATE.SO.MUCH.FISH.
I remember the first time I came here was when I was 16 years old and I had just received a letter telling me that I had passed my first year at college! :)
It was so good, cos I went through a little bit of a mental and depressing time with my mind throughout the final month and I just remember eating so much fish and sweet chilli sauce that day :)
This time was no exception :)

Wedding day: 
So my boyfriend and I were invited to a wonderful wedding on Saturday. 
It was lovely weather, a beautiful ceremony and just above all beautiful day. 
And this is what we wore. The dress is from h&m (divided black department) for only £7.99! 
I love this dress.

Casual Sunday:
So after being pumped with free alcohol on Saturday, I managed to wake up without a hangover the next day!
Surprise, considering I rarely drink and when I do, after two, I'm usually face planting the floor.
So feeling still uplifted and NOT hungover, I just went into town and went shopping for my mother's present. It was her birthday!
Also I couldn't help but get an iced coffee.

So tell me what did you do last week? :)
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