Thursday, 30 October 2014

Outfit of the day: Granny Chic.

In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take.

I love this shirt, but rarely wear it.
I guess its because its very... loud, And that's my problem.
Not because of the shirt but my confidence (or lack of) when it comes to pulling such prints off.
You see, I love colourful prints and alternative fashion however, when I go to wear them, I act like a turtle and retract into my cosy shell of the 'norm'.
Which is depressing for me.
My partner got me these amazing 'Adventure Time' leggings, that I don't wear.
Why? Because people are fucking dicks! They point out the fucking obvious that you are wearing something unusual and even mock you for it.

Before Nicki Minaj's pink hair become a mainstream 'thing', I was one of the only people in my area with pink hair. Honestly, my area isn't known for being very 'out there' unless its advertised in TOPSHOP's windows.
I have always wanted pink hair and when I finally had the chance to do it-  I was ecstatic. It looked good and I felt good- that was until, people in town weren't so subtle with their reactions.
People use to stare as though I was diseased!
And my self confidence plummeted. Within a week, I dyed it back and kinda put away being alittle 'out there' with my appearance.

What I wore: 
-Shirt: Gap Fall 2012
-Cardigan: Gap Fall 2013
-Jeans: Gap

-Revlon colorstay foundation
-MUA Translucent powder
-Avon Blusher in Russet
-Lilac eyeshadow from 120 Palette
-MUA Pencil in Rich Brown (Brows)
-MUA White eye pencil (Brows))
-Miss Sporty eye mascara
-MUA Lipstick in 'Doin good'

What are your thoughts on my outfit of the day?
And peoples perception of others appearances? Be honest are you the type to look someone up and down and make harsh remarks, either aloud or under your breath?

Monday, 27 October 2014

Brighton Chronicles #1: I still haven't seen a shark!

Yesterday I went to Brighton to be a plus one for my partners comedy gig. Then afterwards we spent the rest of the evening just casually hanging out by the beach and eating some chips 
Tis the traditional British way! 
Brighton is by far my favourite place to visit. 
The last time I came here was in August for my Birthday, when we stayed in the Old ship hotel on the sea front- a beautiful place to stay! 

Setting up home at the coast is something I have always wanted for myself since I was a small girl and that ambition has never died. 
I guess it all stemmed from when I used to visit Yarmouth with my family, literally I was hours old, when my Grandad came down (or up) from his holiday to collect me and my parents. 
So I guess you can say that this obsession with the coast started from birth! 

I love the tranquil appearance of the sea and its environment. I just love looking at it in the hope that I see a stray shark! Still haven't seen one.
Don't mock me, the Thames had a whale. 
Although to be fair, a Mako shark was found in the Brighton waters a few years back
(I love sharks- hence the twitter name! so now you know)

We didn't get to go on the actual pier this time around, it was getting rather late and we had to travel two hours back, plus it mainly consists of rides that Rick won't go on, plenty of doughnut stalls, attractions and overcrowded arcades. 
Now again, none of this is bad. 
Yet, arcades of today are not how I remember them! 
Now I'm really not being a snob- but I remember playing street fighter and sonic and actual games in the arcade, not playing for tokens or playing the numerous grabbing machines! 
Sorry, I just feel there isn't enough in arcades these days! 

I cannot wait to return to the big 'B' and perhaps visit my favourite restaurant- Fishie Fish.
So what you have you been up to this weekend?
And tell me what places have you visited in Brighton that you can recommend? 

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Polyvore set #1: Autumn

Who doesn't love Autumn? 

Cosy up with a video game, drink pumpkin spiced lattes, walk through piles of crunchy leaves whilst being cosy in your cable knit attire!
Yes, I am a lover of Autumn! Apart from being out in the rain- I have to be indoors to enjoy something like that!
I also love the fashion.
Nothing beats to rich reds and mustards of Autumn.
And nothing beats a good jumper.
Here I put together a set using Polyvore to showcase just a autumn outfit.

Now, I think shorts can still be worn with tights until the harsh winds start kicking in!
Some of my fondest memories of Autumn include coming home from Primary school to a sausage and mash dinner to watch a bit of Art attack, just when the skies were getting a bit darker.
Or when Fireworks night came, when we use to have family get togethers in one-anothers back garden and just watch my dad and uncle try and set off Fireworks without killing pretty much all of us!
Yeah, we're dangerous!

How do you like to spend your autumn?
 photo f854ad4a-47b4-40e0-9571-6bcf350c6ebe_zps09b2cc07.png  photo 0ab0b31c-1e0d-456e-adc1-d9fd43c6bca4_zps45ce1135.png  photo c780c245-2688-447b-8d92-0cae6d3f0ae0_zps47b9efdc.png