Friday, 9 May 2014

Lush review: It started with a kiss Lip Tint

I actually forgot that I had this and for once, I'm not taking my clothes off for a review. 

Lush, also has a small cosmetic line, on top of their bath products. They sell eye liner, lip scrubs and lip tints. 
Now, I brought this as I don't own many vibrant but wearable lip colours. 
Yes, I have lip Lacquers, blue pout paint and shocking pink lip sticks- however, I won't really wear them, unless its for a tutorial or a certain look.

It started with a kiss Lip tint, £5.95 each:

This colour was something that I was looking for. 
It looks like a pigmented lip balm however the consistency is of a lipstick, which you could probably guess is solid and waxy, containing a strong colour pay off. 

You can apply it with a brush, but I apply it with my fingers. 
The first thing I noticed was how it felt on my lips. 
I felt like I had a waxy coating. No way was it uncomfortable or awful, in fact- it tasted nice and felt like it was coating my lips in moisturising love :)

Unlike, what it says in the tin, it doesn't go on deep red in one swipe, however can be built up to achieve somewhat of a red with a pinkish hue. 
In the next two pictures, I show what it looks like with one swipe then another with a few layers on the tint- this is more or less true to its colour. 

The finish is more on the glossy side due to its waxy consistency, which although is a little more resistant than some lip tints- it does fade fairly quickly and at times, I did notice that flakes of this stuff did get on my teeth. 

Such a hot look! But then again, there are measures in which to prevent this, so its not all bad. 

All in all, this is a beautiful product- again, I am never disappointed. 

Sarah xoxo

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  1. I looks amazing product :)